Patents - 2002

2001 - 2008 Addmedia receives patents for Audio/Video / IT industry and moves off shore to Europe to market new products to the European market. The majority of these products were Engineering based. It was during this time that necessity forced us to be come more focused on the IT aspect of marketing. So as the engineering / manufacturing aspect of the business was looking more and more like heading into the Chinese.  Addmedia focused more on software development and Internet based marketing. Web design and SME software and systems design became our predominant focus.


The Tele-Lift was the first of many patented products bought about from the increase in injuries in the Television and Audio Industry
Its simple light weight and inventive design made it a top selling service / installation tool throughout the late 90's and well into 2005.
It enabled a single person to lift from ground level to 900 cm's a television or similar with a weight of up to 110kg effortlessly and safely.service1












Porta-Lift has become a very popular item in the materials handling field as it is a light portable and very flexible lifting and handling trolley.PORTALIFT.1
It consists of a frame and a series of attachements that are easily interchanged and are adapted to the item being lifted, it is the first really adaptable item that offers taylor made specific lifting options, ideal for boxes, glass panels, heavy machine dies, portable work bench and many more options. Lift height is from 0cm - 900cm, upto 130 kgs.

porta lift01















With ladders being outlawed for use in the aviation industry a space opened for the use of reliable safe and flexible working platforms for the interior and exterior of aircraft. Addmedia saw this opportunity and designed the interlocking flooring system, that enables users to safely work at heights both inside and outside aircraft.










Aircraft Handling Equipment

Light weight safe and portable lifting equipment was much the need as OH&S became a major issue for the airline industry as well as many other industries, we designed many articles for the handling of heavy and cumbersome components of aircraft. The big issue with aircraft was that the components could be very heavy and the difficulty handling them was enhanced by the lack of manouvarable space and the easily damaged aluminium of aircraft construction.

Safe Handling of 70KG. Aircraft battery from stores to installation on aircraft. NO LIFTING REQUIRED!