After spending 15 years in the Aeronautical Engineering industry encompassing all aspects of aircraft engineering from airframes structures - electronics - navigation - radio as so on I commenced an electronics engineering company in 1990, we specialised in designing and servicing hardware for the IT industry rapidly realising there was a market for communication.

Our name was formed out of a desire to connect media and advertising - a vision we continue to share today. In the year 2000, the web, and all that it represented, sparked a great number of many online start-up ideas. We branched out into two diverse fields. Engineering and Electronic media.
During this stage we recieved took out several patents for IT development, lifting and handling equipment and occupational health and safety equipment.

Grant Dixon (Founder,  L.A.M.E.) decided to apply the knowledge he gained in his earlier business design and engineering roles and launch a web design and web development company – a company that would offer online strategy and technical solutions to traditional offline businesses responding to a changing consumer landscape.

2001 - 2008 Addmedia receives patents for Audio/Video / IT industry and moves off shore to Europe to market new products to the European market. The majority of these products were Engineering based. It was during this time that necessity forced us to be come more focused on the IT aspect of marketing. So as the engineering / manufacturing aspect of the business was looking more and more like heading into the Chinese.  Addmedia focused more on software development and Internet based marketing. Web design and SME software and systems design became our predominant focus.

Addmedia maintains a 100% in house design and development strategy and focused on the local markets.
With patents approved for the local area marketing software Addmedia designs integrated platforms for the Travel industry.
Upgrading commenced for the mobile phone and tablet market.

New digital marketing channels such as SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay per click advertising) become an essential part of the digital marketing toolkit. Addmedia add these new digital marketing products to our offering. Addmedia continues to deliver a high level of service and return on investment.
Social media platforms integrated into local area concepts.

2005 - 2014 Addmedia obtains  local area map based advertising and business promotions. Introduces map based advertising at a local level to the tourist industry.

With software successfully sold to the travel industry and the emergence of mobile and social media, Addmedia is today applying its expertise to the myriad of options available to business on line, we are specialising in the health and beauty markets, launching products such as Shopmedia. In 2013 Addmedia offer the following solutions to a rapidly growing digital market. Local area marketing and customer outreach, Cost efeective website design, Email marketing, Adwods and social media management, Search engine optimisation and Hosting.

2016 Addmedia opens up offices in Far North Queensland  and New Zealand, specifically to develop and market Australian art and photography to the overseas markets.