We have all heard the saying that there is two things in life that are unavoidable, DEATH and TAXES.

Well at Addmedia we know the third unavoidable issue of life, and that is change. Change to a small business can be fantastic or it can be devastating. Change can force you to down size, change can make you less profitable, change can shut your business doors. But handled properly it can be a great innovator.

Addmedia commenced business in 1984, it was a very different business and a very different market. We have always welcomed chang and having always been a technology based company we have managed to change with it. But350 there are many businesses out there that are not Technology based businesses and have found it very difficult to deal with and survive the change. Most of us who have been in business for 30 years or more have reached that stage where many of our businesses have changed dramatically, many of us have had to down size.

  • We have survived the fun times of the 70 's and 80's where there was plenty to go around for everyone.
  • The 90's came along and we had to battle through record interest rates.
  • The GFC came and we had to rethink our positions.
  • As the digital revolution took a strong hold we battled with the rational of putting our business on line.

We now find ourselves that the dreams and aspirations we had back at the start are not as real now as they were then. In many cases technological changes have made us the main part of the business and our staff are no longer needed in the same way they once were. The business owner has become the business and that is a very hard sell if you want out!

Well don't despair, the government is aware of this very issue. They are aware that we are all healthier, living longer and have inadequate financial freedom to support ourselves to the age we are going to live. The Business.gov.au website has a wealth of information regarding this. Contact us for further information and assistance to see how you can maximize you ability to move forward and turn you into a salable piece of technology to assist your retirement and bring in a passive income.