mousesADDMEDIA'S mobile technologies and training opens up a whole new market for you. We can tailor your advertising needs so you can run your business from home, the office or in the field. You can run advertising campaigns update stock levels all from where ever you are. We are all aware of how important it is to "keep ones finger on the pulse" of your business, we pride ourselves in giving you the technology and training to do so. Addmedia's systems for advertising, SEO and marketing puts you in control of your local area marketing and remember local is everywhere. Local area advertising assists you to increase brand awareness, grow customer loyalty and drive sales by using information about your customers to build more relevant solutions that better serve their needs.Local Area Marketing allows your team to act quickly in response to gaps in activity plans or to develop programs quickly to capture changing market conditions. It's a top down (brand consistency) bottom up (locally tailored) solution all delivered under one roof. It comes to you in a cost effective easy to use campaign building application where you can advertise today for specials tomorrow and reach all of your chosen clients. We call it NOW advertising. It means you can advertise NOW from your computer in the shop, office or factory and have the ad deployed immediately into the market place for as long as you wish.