Computer skills training for business

At Addmedia we assist clients to develop confidence and gain efficiency using their computer within their business or profession. Working for yourself you will need assurance and support that you can continually update your skills. In addition we can all benefit from learning with how to be proficient starting with the basics to advanced operations. Furthermore, technology is changing so quickly, learning how to learn is a skill to develop.

You can learn how to implement a new application you may have heard about that can streamline your operations. Or connect a printer, update your website and share information onto social media. Likewise managing, sharing, saving or manage your files, creating templates can all save you time, not to mention understanding what backups and updates are. One-on-one computer coaching in your office or home with ongoing training and support in the context of your work provides a solid foundation. Undoubtedly the best place to start building upon your skills.

Addmedia provides unique client focused training for the busy business owner, employees, seniors, people with special needs and students. Addmedia has over 3 decades of business and computer training experience. To sum up just about everything you can do on the computer we can help you with.

Some of the products we can train you to become proficient in are as follows:-

  • Microsoft Office: Word; PowerPoint; Excel, Outlook, Publishing;
  • Apple: Pages, Keynote, Finder, App store;
  • Bookeeping: Pay Pal, Online Banking, Invoicing etc;
  • Internet: Plan review, Scanning, Saving files, Settings, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Maps, Apps/Software, Calculator, Health, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Clock/reminders, News, Messenger, Online forms, Saving info, Bookmarking, Sharing, Accessibility;
  • iPhone or iPad: Purchases, Set up, Data & Internet plans;
  • Photos: editing, saving, sharing, book creation;
  • Videos: creating, editing, uploading – YouTube, Vimeo, Adobe Premiere basics;
  • Online Communications: Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime;
  • File Management: Updating protocols, backing up, file management, folders, deleting, renaming, sharing files and syncing devices, storage, backing up, cloud, hard drive;
  • Virus Protection: Mac or PC scanning and virus protection;
  • Form design: Type form, PowerPoint, Word, PDF;
  • Emailing apps: – Outlook, Mail, Gmail, attachments, signatures, downloads, address book, syncing;
  • Social media: – Google + & Business pages, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Mail Chimp, Template;
  • Websites: – creation, maintenance, posting, updating, backing up;

How Addmedia helps businesses & employees.

  • First of all you will become confident, motivated and empowered working with a professional teacher who is trained to teach.
  • In addition together you will write your own list of learning objectives and goals;
  • We will work through and achieve the tasks on your list 
  • Help create operational notes you can easily follow; 
  • Remove any learning gaps and phobias about computers

Professional development computer skills

Most jobs require staff to undertake a specified amount of professional development hours and most of these modules are online. In fact, some of the basic business skills today include a sound knowledge of how to create or use documents, spreadsheets and presentations. In addition managing files saving. uploading, renaming, deleting, downloading and sharing files. Likewise researching information on the internet, operating a data base, posting onto social media or websites. In conclusion there are many computer skills to know. Undoubtedly all business owners and employees will benefit with one-on-one or small group computer training and support.