One-on-one computer training

One-on-one computer training and support can help you learn to use your computer, phone or tablet easily in the most time efficient and cost effective way. Whether it is a Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, PC or tablet we can all struggle at times. Staying abreast of technology is a skill you can learn.

How much time do you have available to try and work things out on your computer? Do you spend longer plugged into the screen than you would like? There are many people who waste so much time learning apps, passwords, emailing, downloading, attaching files, storage management, online forms, photos, updates, backups – the list goes on and on.

What we do at Addmedia?

You can relax there is help for the basics to advanced user. We will help you formulate a learning plan with measaurable outcomes. Together you will work though the list methodically. We will understand your preferred learning style, demonstrate to you how to perform the task, and together you will create operating instructions for your easy reference. At the end of the session an action plan of things to practice and follow up on will be provided. Any issues that come up throughout the week jot them down for your next session or call us if you get stuck.

The clients we help at Addmedia

We work with all types of people one-on-one, face-to-face at your computer, creating the context of what it is you need to learn. This client focused training is for the busy executive, business owners, employees, seniors, people with special needs and students. Addmedia has over 3 decades of business & computer experience, and has worked with groups and individuals in all facets of using a computer, from bookkeeping to short filmmaking, websites and office apps. At Addmedia we recognise the need for one-on-one training that starts at your level and works with the technology you use. Each computer is set up differently, there are many different operating systems, applications, versions and storage options. Every client is at their own level of understanding, has their own preferred learning style and individual needs.

Addmedia services and management

At Addmedia we also provide a computer management / social media service working either remotely or onsite towards your goals. Addmedia will discuss with you your technology requirements together you will create a strategy for moving forward with tangible learning outcomes.

  • Troubleshooting services include :-
    Microsoft Office: Word; PowerPoint; Excel, Outlook, Publishing;
  • Apple: Pages, Keynote, Finder, App store;
  • Bookeeping: Pay Pal, Online Banking, Invoicing etc;
  • Internet: Plan review, Scanning, Saving files, Settings, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Maps, Apps/Software, Calculator, Health, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Clock/reminders, News, Messenger, Online forms, Saving info,
  • Bookmarking, Sharing, Accessibility;
  • iPhone or iPad: Purchases, Set up, Data & Internet plans;
  • Photos: editing, saving, sharing, book creation;
  • Videos: creating, editing, uploading – YouTube, Vimeo, Adobe Premiere basics;
  • Online Communications: Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime;
  • File Management: Updating protocols, backing up, file management, folders, deleting, renaming, sharing files and syncing devices, storage, backing up, cloud, hard drive;
  • Virus Protection: Mac or PC scanning and virus protection;
  • Form design: Type form, PowerPoint, Word, PDF;
  • Emailing apps: – Outlook, Mail, Gmail, attachments, signatures, downloads, address book, syncing;
  • Entertainment: Ted talks, ABC iView, SBS on demand, Classic FM, Cinemas;
  • How a Computer Coach can help you

You will save so much time, learning from Addmedia. We believe everyone has special needs and we all learn in our own unique way. Any blockage to using technology will be removed as your confidence grows. You will be able to keep up-to-date with changing technologies and not feel left behind or disadvantaged in a digital world.

Or you can hand the work over to the experts at Addmedia, freeing yourself up for what you love. Computers are complex and temperamental.