Enhance Your Existing Booking System

Are you tired of the high fees and lack of control that come with third-party booking platforms?

Elevate your accommodation business with our innovative solution that seamlessly integrates with your current booking system. Maximize commission-free direct bookings. Embrace the simplicity of direct customer engagement without the hassle of third-party fees. It’s not just a change—it’s an enhancement to your current operations, designed to put you in control of your bookings and your profits.

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Unlock Potential for Accommodation Providers

Addmedia offers a range of services to enhance customer reach and engagement.

We stand out by engaging with clients and partners for a win-win outcome.

Enhancing online presence to drive more direct bookings through strategic SEO placement.

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Empowering Accommodation Providers Worldwide

Unlock the potential for growth and success with Addmedia’s innovative solutions.

Direct Bookings Increase
Commission Saved
Profit Boost
Enhancing Direct Bookings

Revolutionizing the Booking Experience for Hotels and Clients

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Simple packages – simple effective design – strategic placement – results assured.


Revolutionize the way accommodation providers secure bookings and engage with customers.

Innovative Solutions

We offer innovative software solutions that empower businesses to drive direct bookings and boost profits.

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Discover the power of direct customer engagement with Addmedia’s innovative solutions.

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Customer Testimonials

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with Addmedia.
Addmedia’s software solutions revolutionized our booking process, resulting in increased direct bookings and profitability.
John D.
Using Addmedia’s direct booking app has streamlined our operations and improved customer engagement significantly.
Sarah L.


Addmedia’s commitment to innovation and quality has been recognized globally.


Innovative Solutions Award

Recognized for groundbreaking software solutions

Direct Booking Excellence Prize

Leading in direct booking app development

SEO Placement Achievement

Top rankings for SEO strategies

Customer Engagement Recognition

Empowering direct customer connections

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Transforming the Future of Direct Bookings for Hotels